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Riisitunturi National Park

The many routes of Riisitunturi offers the tourist a wonderful experience in every season. Riisitunturi is located in Etelä-Posio, in the village of Tolva.

Transport connections to Riisitunturi


Karitunturi is located in the southwestern part of Riisitunturi National Park. Karitunturi is a quieter hiking destination compared to Riisitunturi - but definitely worth a visit.

8.5 km along a nature trail north from the Kirintövaara Ski Resort


The slopes of Kirintövaara await the skiers during the winter season! There are three ski slopes, two of which are lit. There is a carpet lift and a small hill for children. 
Kiririnteentie 1, 97900 Posio


What Posio is famous for and proud of. On Pentik-mäki you will find a Pentik ceramics factory and a factory store. Pentik Manor is located at Timisjärvi.

Maaninkavaarantie 3, 97900 Posio

Pentik Manor, Timisjärventie 26, Perä-Posio

Lake Livojärvi

This Lapland Riviera lives up to its name with its long sandy beaches. In summer, hut cafe Säikkä serves on site, selling products from local entrepreneurs. 

18 km of Taivalkoskentie in the direction of Taivalkoski from the center of Posio


Korouoma is a gorge valley located in western Posio and is about 30 kilometers long. Along the five-kilometer-long Koronjää route, the three largest ice falls rise in the canyon. The canyon is one of the subjects of the film Poika and Ilves!

Transport connectios to Korouoma


 Kota-Husky offers high-quality and experiential dog sledding in Riisitunturi National Park. In other seasons you can go hiking with a herd of huskies to Riisitunturi.

Jaksamontie 58, 97890 Karjalaisenniemi 

Posio Outdoors

Posio Outdoors offers a responsible and traditional fishing trip experiences to lake Kitka and it's beautiful surroundings. 

Meeting points for booked trips at the port of Mourusalmi and the center of Posio 


Rukatunturi is a ski resort in Kuusamo and it has 35 slopes in winter and a Village-2-Valley gondola lift. In summer, there is also a summer toboggan run.

Rukatunturintie 9, 9380 Kuusamo